WRONG FEST 2017 \\ Voinegovtsi Festival Grounds \\ SOFIA 


40 BGN



Atomic Actors
Atomic Actors are an indie/alternative Bulgarian band, finding influence in bands like Arctic Monkeys, Kasabian, and The Black Keys.
Balkandji is a folk metal band from Bulgaria. They freely mix traditional Bulgarian music with hard rock and heavy metal. As Bulgarian folk music is very complex, in Balkandji songs odd time signatures and constant time signature changing are very common.
The Big Nose Attack
Brothers Boogieman (guitar,vocals) and Little Tonnie (drums) formed The Big Nose Attack back in 2011 in Athens,Greece. They mix blues influences with untamed rock riffs, reviving the american wave of the late 60's.
An underground band from Plovdiv, joining together members from TDK and Lopatarka.
Mary's Flower Superhead
Mary’s Flower Superhead were formed in the summer of 2003. Three friends from Thessaloniki-Greece shared their passion for independent music and got in the studio to feel how it is to produce music and express themselves through sound.
Mental Architects
Mental Architects are an instrumental post rock / math rock band from Bulgaria.
Mfortno Disco
Mfortno Disco are an alternative, electronic band from Sofia
Milenita is a Bulgarian pop/jazz singer.
Monkey3 is a psychedelic stoner rock band from Switzerland
Skoda is a Bulgarian post-metal funk band formed in 1997.
Swing Republic
Swing Republic is a an Electro-swing project with old jazz and a positive vibe, coming from Denmark.
Van Cock
A surf rock, garage rock, rockabilly band from Sofia, Bulgaria
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