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July 13
Doors: 16:00 Stage: 17:00
July 14
Doors: 12:00 Stage: 17:00

\\What are the admission times?

General admission will start at16:00 on Friday. People holding two-day tickets can enter the festival site at any time. Provided there is capacity, you can buy a one-day ticket for Saturday and enter the premises after 12:00.



\\What are the travel options?

Festival buses will run starting on 16:00 Friday and Saturday from the Vassil Levski monument to the festival grounds and back. The last shuttle back to Sofia will run at 0:45 a.m. A ticket will be required for the return journey only, costing 2 BGN (little over 1 EUR).


There will be a limited capacity parking near the festival.


Bus 21/22 serves the village of Voinegovtsi until 23:45 on Friday and 22:50 on Saturday.


The taxi company OK Supertrans will work in partnership with Wrong Fest 2018. A taxi from the village of Voinegovtsi to the city center costs around 15 BGN (little under 8 EUR).


\\What is the venue capacity?

The festival grounds can hold a very large amount of people. However, for reasons of security and better service, we are limiting the number of tickets on sale to 2000. 


\\Is there a camp site?

The 2018 the camp site will be located just east of the festival grounds. The new camp site will be in the shade and will offer running water (including free showers). A separate camping ticket of 8 BGN per person must be purchased (either in advance or at the doors). Outside liquids and food will not be allowed into the camp site, but every holder of a camping ticket will receive 3 liters of free water. 


\\Will there be a secure bike parking?

Yes, a secured bike parking will be available for free. Please do bring your own locks. 


\\What are the food options?

Wrong Fest will be in charge of the grill only. Our partners will be there to cook vegetarian, breakfast, soups and burgers. Please be aware that the only currency accepted at Wrong Fest 2018 is the festival card. 


\\Can I purchase a one-day ticket?

If the event is not sold out in advance, you will be able to purchase one-day tickets online or at the door. One day tickets currently cost 35 leva if purchased online, or 40 BGN at the door.


\\What are the working hours of the camp site?

Camping will open at 10:00 on Friday and will close at some time around 12:00 on Sunday morning. If you come from abroad and would like to enter the camp site earlier, please contact us at


\\Is there Wi Fi on site?

Most probably yes, although visitors from the EU are encouraged to use their mobile data.


\\Can I bring my kid under 18?

Kids under 18 must be supervised by their parents or an adult. Declarations for accompanying adults will be availale on site.


\\What beverages will be offered?

Wrong Fest is organized and sponsored by the people behind The Wrong Bar. We will sell draft beer, rum, whiskеy and gin, soft drinks and water. All beverages must be purchased with a festival card. 


\\Where can I get a festival card?

Festival cards can be purchased on the festival site for a small deposit of 2 BGN. They can be loaded with any amount of cash between 10 BGN and 200 BGN and used throughout the festival for purchasing food and drinks. Any unused amount can be reimbursed at any time of the festival. All unused money will be distributed among our bartenders as tips - if you are happy with the service, why don't you leave the unspent 10 BGN for them?


\\What merchandise can I buy?

Each band will bring their own merchandise - t-shirts, CDs, vinyls, etc. The prices of the bands' merchandise are determined by the bands, but we always advocate for lower prices. Wrong Fest will also offer a limited amount of t-shirts and merchandise.


\\Are there any prohibited items that I cannot bring into the festival

The following items will not be allowed on the festival grounds: weapons; sharp metal items, knives; glass & bottles, except for baby bottles; alcohol & non alcohol drinks; food; drugs; flammable substances; explosive substances. 

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