Dear friends and supporters of Wrong Fest!


As you are aware Wrong Fest 2020 has been postponed for September 11-12 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Two of the headliners – UNKLE and DubFX - have cancelled all their concerts for this year and have made a commitment to take part in Wrong Fest 2021, which will be held in Plovdiv on July 02-03.

Everyone who has already bought a ticket for Wrong Fest 2020 will have the option to attend both festivals without additional pay. Providing such an option will naturally cost us a significant amount of efforts and money. This is not something new, as every single edition of Wrong Fest until now has led to serious financial losses, covered in part by individual gigs or by the main sponsor of the festival – The Wrong Bar in Sofia. Due to the situation with the COVID-19 pandemic however, we have not been able to organize any events, with the first couple of concerts happening in almost four months - in early November 2020.


 All this has urged us to organize a donation campaign for those who wish to attend Wrong Fest 2020 and to support the future existence of the festival. We know that during the last couple of months a lot of you have partially or completely lost their sources of income, so we offer a chance for you to visit both days of Wrong Fest 2020 with a minimal donation of 5 or 10 BGN. You must surely realize that if everyone took advantage of this option, it would be very difficult to support a two-day festival. In 2020 alone, the required funding is little over 100k BGN, not including the help of over a dozen volunteers. This is the reason I am addressing you with a request to support us with a more generous amount, which will bring certain benefits in return:

  • if you donate 25 BGN, you will receive a special festival t-shirt, which will not be offered elsewhere,

  • if you donate 45 BGN, you will receive the same special t-shirt and a 20 BGN food and drinks voucher, which can be used during Wrong Fest 2020, and finally

  • if you donate 65 BGN, you will be granted full access to both events – Wrong Fest 2020 on September 11-12, and Wrong Fest 2021 on July 02-03.

Believe me, the line-up for next year's edition is shaping up much better than we expected. Donations are welcome at the official ticket partner of Wrong Fest –

I want to thank again to all of you who have bought tickets or have opted to donate – I am happy to see that most of you have chosen to donate 25 BGN, with amounts of 10, 45, or 65 BGN also being quite common. Despite your active support, and because of the limited capacity of the festival in 2020, we will most likely face another substantial loss in September. You might ask yourselves, why are we still organizing Wrong Fest under these circumstances? This is a valid question with diverse responses:

  • because organizing a music festival has been giving us adrenalin for over 7 years now;

  • because it is great satisfaction and pride to organize one of the few quality mid-size music events in 2020 not only in Bulgaria, but worldwide;

  • because we have always done our best to keep our commitment to the performers and the attendees;

  • last but not least, because Plovdiv was the first local administration in Bulgaria (and only the second in the World, after Pancevo), which has provided us with administrative and financial support for Wrong Fest.


The situation with the COVID-19 pandemic has postponed the financial support of 30k BGN provided by Open Call Legacy of Plovdiv 2019 Foundation until 2021. Nevertheless, I believe that holding the festival in 2020 will be justified by providing us with organizational experience and by popularizing the festival in its current location.


Once again, I would like to thank you for your continuous support! Stay Wrong!


Nikolay Marekov, manager

Wrong Fest