Pančevo Wrong Fest 2019 is probably the most unusual thing to happen in Serbia this July. It brings together performers from all around the world, from completely different genres, on three stages spread around the city. The festival is organized by a team of Bulgarian and Serbian professionals, supported by the whole cultural community in the town.

Pančevo Wrong Fest 2019 will be held on July 19-21, on three stages: River (Wrong Stage), Main (Right Stage), and Museum Stage with a special appearance by EYOT.

Tickets: www.gigstix.com/wrongfest19

The festival would have not been possible without Општина Панчево and the band Iskaz.

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What is the festival capacity?

To make sure everyone feels comfortable, we are limiting the number of full festival tickets to 2,200. One-day tickets are also available depending on capacity.

Are there any camping options?

Yes. There will be a free camping spot available, which can hold about 200 tents. The camping will be located about 300 meters from the River stage and will be secured between 10:00 on July 19 and 10:00 on July 22. 


What about parking?

Parking will be FREE for everyone in all Yellow and Green parking zones within Pančevo between 17:00 on Friday, July 19 and 8:00 on Monday, July 22. 

What are the line-up and running order?

Bands on the Main stage will run between 20:00 and Midnight. Bands on the River stage will run between 23:00 and 2:00. Check the running order.

What are the stage locations?

The Right Stage is located in Dom Omladine, at 10 Svetog Save Street. The Museum Stage is located about 600 meters away - in the backyard of the National Museum where the audience is requested to enter from 23 Braće Jovanovića Street. The River Stage is at Tamis Quay.

For questions or suggestions, please write to: wrongfest2019@gmail.com

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